Nina Beier,
Berry Patten,
Pamela Rosenkranz,
Oscar Tuazon and
Emily Wardill:

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Nina Beier, Installation view of Deliquesce, 2012
Nina BeierInstallation view of Deliquesce, 2012
Nina Beier, Berry Patten, Pamela Rosenkranz, Oscar Tuazon, Emily Wardill: Deliquesce 26 June - 29 July 2012

To deliquesce is to transition between solid and liquid states. This exhibition considers dissolution and loss of physicality, presenting five artists whose practices’ explore malleable states of image, body and material. Deliquesce looks at the space between a world of solid objects and bodies and a more diffuse and amorphous world of liquidity, fantasy and pixels, thereby considering how our understanding of the physical has been altered by the dominant influence of the virtual world we increasingly inhabit.

On the Internet images can spread quickly or sink to fathomless depths – adapting, changing and disintegrating in quality as they go, making their way back and forth between the virtual and physical realms. The works in this exhibition both affirm and deny the status of images as physical objects because the moment one considers immateriality, issues of physicality and corporeality inevitably reassert themselves.

Deliquesce is curated by Emma Astner and Laura McLean-Ferris.